Friends of Evergreen Dog Park (FEDP) is a non-profit corporation (501c3) established in early 2017 to help manage and maintain the Evergreen Dog Park, a 107-acre parcel is owned by Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) and located on Stagecoach Blvd. in Evergreen, Colo. As local residents dedicated to preserving this unique and priceless open space, we formed this group to help manage our park, which was facing serious challenges from overcrowding.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, JCOS closed the park in April 2017, leaving us (and every other dog owner in Evergreen) with nowhere to take our dogs. JCOS provides no other suitable off-leash areas, and allocates none of its roughly 230 miles of trails to off-leash dogs.

Today, Friends of Evergreen Dog Park has a three-part mission:

* To advocate for off-leash areas in Evergreen that can accommodate the thousands of dogs (and people) who live here and want to enjoy our open spaces, without leashes.

* To partner with local agencies to develop and maintain suitable off-leash areas.

* To promote the responsible use of open spaces by educating the public about the importance of good stewardship and encouraging dog owners to use those spaces wisely, by picking up after their dogs, staying on marked trails as much as possible, and ensuring that their dogs are always under control.

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