FEDP in Evergreen Rodeo Parade June 17

Get set for the Rodeo Parade!
Join us as we present our awesome entry—the dog-car (car-dog?)—in the Evergreen Rodeo Parade, this Saturday, June 17, starting at 8 a.m.
Walk alongside our car, handing out dog bones and raising awareness about the need for Off-Leash Open Space here in Evergreen!
Bring the whole family! Leashed pooches are welcome, too!
Here are some specifics:
· Staging begins at 8 a.m. Look for the car that looks like a fuzzy brown dog (see picture below)
· The initial staging point is located at Troutdale Scenic Drive and SH 74, uphill (north) of Troutdale Scenic Drive and downhill (south) of Safeway. At the initial staging point, a volunteer will direct you to your assigned staging location.
· The frontage road will be open only to vehicles and people participating in the parade procession. It may NOT be used for dropping off participants and supplies.
You MAY temporarily park on the shoulder of SH 74 to drop off participants and supplies.

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  1. Nice job everybody!! Thanks for keeping the issue on the front burner and this is a great way to do it. Thank you from all the former park users!!

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