Next community meeting scheduled for May 4

To regain momentum and rally our troops, we have scheduled another community meeting for 7 pm on Thursday, May 4, at Church of the Hills, 28628 Buffalo Park Rd. in Evergreen. Please join us. We are considering a number of strategies to keep the pressure on Open Space and the Commissioners and keep all of you engaged:
* A petition to gather signatures in support of a dog park in Evergreen. If we can get thousands of people to sign, our elected representatives cannot ignore us
* Weekly attendance at the Board of Commissioners Public Meetings, wearing white shirts so we are easily identified as being together
* Weekly, rotating meet-ups at a variety of locations so we can continue to walk our dogs together–on and off leash
* Monthly postcard writing parties at breweries, coffee houses and other spots. A lot of activists are using these events to get people engaged in the political process. Let’s flood JCOS and the Commissioners’ mailboxes with postcards and photos of our dogs, along with stories and data about the importance of off-leash environments.

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  1. Terry Galpin-Plattner

    Great!! Thank you! hope to be there and will volunteer to help. Need to find care for my unwell husband.

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